Backup Policy

1. M2Host Backup Policy

1.1 We provide daily and weekly backups for all accounts whose size is below or up to 1GB.However Backups are not included as part of any service.

1.2 It is the customer's sole responsibility to make backups and save them elsewhere off server.

1.3 Customers are advised to make backups of the information they store on our servers on a regular basis.

1.4 We cannot guarantee the backup will contain the exact desired content for every customer, Since the backups are scheduled and overwrite previous backups

2. I want my account backup

Upon request, we will provide complimentary copies of any backup content available applying following conditions

2.1 Up to 1GB we provide backup absolutely free
2.2 Backup size is in-between 1-10 GB---$14.75 per account/year
2.3 We do not maintain the backups above 10 GB

It is possible that we may not have any backup to provide to you which is why we encourage our customers to regularly backup their content locally and before any major changes.

3. I need a Backup of my suspended Account

3.1 For suspended Account you can not take backup since to take backup, account status should be active.

3.2 However if you wish to take a backup, you need to pay $ 14.75 /Account and can get a backup up to 1 GB - 10 GB.

3.3 You will be provide the backup which can be downloaded within 48 hours once paid after which it would be removed

4. I want to reactivate my cancelled Account

4.1 For account reactivation process you need to contact to our Support team via live chat or you can place ticket and ask for backups, if backups are available up to 1GB- 10GB

4.2 Since the account is already cancelled it will cost you a fee of $25 as a one time reactivation and restore fee.

4.3 Renewal amount needed to pay for continuing the plan ahead for a year is excluded.